Jan 8, 2017

2017 January Spring Bag Trends - Gucci Bags Fall/Winter/Cruise

Last year, Fendi's Peekaboo bag was really hot.

But recently, I've noticed that Gucci is getting just as 
'aggressive' in their embellishments!

Here are a selection of Gucci bags from their recent collections.

Colorful bag that blends in with the outfit's colors. 
Apparently, this is a trend in bags for 2017!

So moth, so goth!
That's a big bug, a bejeweled bug!

Talk about zany colors!
Gucci's bag here includes the classic bamboo handle
with an overall Alexander McQueen feel in shape and studs.

I love the Asian influenced embroidery theme here...

Mix of old & new... Classic elements meet funky new adornment!

Great color for Spring 2017 I think!

Another jewel-bug bag!
There is that Art Nouveau feel, or a throwback to William Morris's designs...

Personally, I do like this bag a lot!
It will go with any work clothes and around the city outfits!
Urban fashion FTW!

Nice remake of their logo print!
Reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Vernis series...

Very trendy piece...!
I've seen quite a lot of bomber jackets this week at Zara and H&M...
that have this type of Asian influenced cheap-chic embroidery.
Great bag to dress up a casual outfit; denim jeans and chiffon dresses,
as well as athletic items.

Here is another trend for 2017 bags; a very large, *oversized* bag!

I think this bag is one of the most photographed and circulated design online...
It's got that grungy feel...
Clothing-wise, the 'hard-romantic look' is in, 
so this type of bag might be a good accent for a casual outfit. :-) 

Et voila!
That's all for now~


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