Jul 30, 2016

Making A Dior Granville Bag - More Process Snap Shots

Today I had 2 studio classes to work on my Dior Granville bag. I just love how I feel after working on a bag. It definitely is a *good tired* ... 

Working on this bag has given me ample opportunity to work with the machine. 

The elegant curved opening of the bag was the tricky bit for sewing though. I had to do one stitch at a time, pedalling for one stitch then shifting the leather to trace the curvature.

Curved pieces sewn on front, back, and inside pieces.

I was then instructed to turn the bag inside out and since the leather was so soft, no need for heat treatment... I was glad the side stitches met up nicely... 

My teacher taught me how to gauge the side seam by placing the inserts inside. This was a new technique I learnt today.

Using the paper clips to see how the inserts sit in the bag.

Next week the pouch will be added. My teacher kindly researched the pouch detail photo for me. I couldn't find it on my own... 

Next time I will search harder ~~ !!! 

I bought a gorgeous black pony hair leather for my bestie's birthday. It will be a simple clutch. But gosh... pony hair... so luxe... so drools... 

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