Apr 16, 2017

Leatherwork Upcycling Project: Repurpose a Dress into a Chanel Logo Shopper Bag

This Friday, I met up with my friend for the 2nd time for our Leatherworking Projects!

I couldn't get to my Dior bag because I need to buy some punching tools.
Once I get those handles on, the Granville Bag will be done!

Anyway~ So this week, I worked on the lining of my Chanel Logo Shopper Bag!
I started this a while ago... 

I was able to cut all the pieces of the lining, and attach all the sides together. If I find some spare time, I will finish the bottom and attach that too.

Really happy to be able to spend some time working on these!

Apr 6, 2017

Black Pony Hide Clutch Bag with Chrome Zippers

Following a fun Tarot Coaching session, I decided to re-engage in my Leatherwork Projects! Today, I invited my new friend who also has interest in leatherwork, so we had a really cool Leatherwork Wednesday!

First, we went to a leather market in Dongmyo. Got some threads, bond eraser, pattern paper, etc. 

My friend made a covering for her Shaomi Battery. She used vegetable-leather (how we call it in Korea). Apparently this type of leather is more expensive than the real leather! And she showed me how you can coat the inside of it, to avoid having to add an inside fabric. 

My project today was to finish off a pony hide clutch for my bestie. Her birthday is coming up soon. This is what the finished piece looks like. Black on the outside, nice and shiny! Red on the inside. 

I've had to test a sample to see if my machine was working well... Thankfully, all was well, but I had to spend some time cleaning off the yellowy-oil thing. 

I started out by preparing the 2 pieces for the clutch bag. Spent a lot of time today, just trying to remember how I did things before! We joked that we aren't a leather studio, we're a 'lab' experimenting to see if things work or not! LOL~!! 

After some experimentation, I had to patch things up because my skiving machine ate up some of the red fabric! But this will be on the inside, so I decided not to sweat it...

The two pieces ready for work, and the zipper.

After the 2 pieces were attached. The zipper took a lot of effort today.
I didn't have the right tools to pull out the unwanted zipper teeth. I will need to get a plier for doing that, as well as a metal hammer to set the zipper ends. Today I resorted to using one of the punching tools which was heavy metal block, but it took a while and wasn't the best way of doing things...

Pony hide was rather slippery and the tiny little bristles got in the way of stitching on the machine. So the lines ended up being wonky! Will need more practice to get it straight. 

Anywho! I'm happy I am back on track with my leatherwork! And I am so happy to have a friend to do this with!

Lots of projects that need finishing... 2017 Wednesdays will be a blast~!!



The Effect on the Asymmetric load of Bag Weights for Dynamic Postural Stability Index & Center of Pressure Variables during Level Walking

[Thesis] Asymmetric Bag Weight & Posture (Center of Pressure)

This purpose of this study was to analyze the effect on the asymmetric load of bag weights for dynamic postural stability index & Center of Pressure variables during level walking. Participants selected as subject were consisted of young women(n=10), divided into the kinds of 3 bag weights(0kg, 3kg, 5kg).. Analyzed GRF variables during gait were medial-lateral (ML), anterior-posterior(AP), vertical(V), dynamics postural stability index(DPSI), ΔCOPx, ΔCOPy, COP area, medial-lateral(M-L), anterior-posterior(A-P) deviation of venter of pressure. The results analyzed from the above were as follows; 1. MLSI, APSI, VSI and DPSI didn`t show significant different statistically according to increase of bag weights, But, 5kg bag weight showed more decrease in dynamics postural stability index than that 0kg, 3kg bag weights during level walking. 2. Among variables of center of pressure, 5kg bag weight showed more linear relationship in pathway than that of 0kg, 3kg bag weights in ΔCOPx. Also, COP area showed increasing tendency according to decrease of bag weights. 3. M-L COPD didn`t show significant different statistically according to increase of bag weights, finally A-P COPD showed significant difference statistically in dynamic postural according to increase of bag weights.
Correlation between Perceived Backpack Weight and Musculoskeletal Pain for Elementary School Children

[Thesis] Backpack and Back Pain Relationship for Elementary School Kids

A research done in Korea...

[Book] Sandals, shoes and other leatherwork from the Coptic Monastery Deir el-Bachit by Andre J. Veldmeijer

[Book] Sandals, shoes and other leatherwork from the Coptic Monastery Deir el-Bachit

Author: Andre J. Veldmeijer
Another link which looks like something the author used for gathering info on the book.

Looks like a cool book but costs like $85.

[Thesis] Optimal Weight of Satchel in Walking

The optimal weight of satchel in walking is 15% of individual body weight.

I just felt like researching some papers related to leatherworking and leather bags. Couldn't find the exact info... but here is one piece of info I liked.

An Old But Interesting Study Done in Korea

A Kinesiological Study on Taking Methods and Weights of a Satchel for the Elementary School Children

The aims of this study is to decide optimal weight and taking methods a satchel with analyzing walking posture and energy expenditure in case of several weights of satchel. The subjects were selected at random 10 children of 10 years old from some element schools located in Hirazuka City, Kanakawa-Ken, Japan. It made an experiment in natural walking on the tread-mill at 60M per minutes with a following condition: that is (1) walking without and loading (2) walking with taking on back a satchel loading of 2, 4, 6, 8㎏. (3) walking with taking on hand a satchel loading of 4㎏. Under above mentioned condition, it were taken a picture of walking posture with 16mm Bolex Camera and measured energe metabolism. The results of analyzing these data were as follows: 1. The length of step (1) It gets long for length of step according to increasing in weight of satchel but in case of weight more than 8㎏, it gets short for length of step. (2) It is shorter in length of step for taking on hand satchel than taking on back satchel. 2. Forurard and roiling pitch (1) It gets large in forward pitch of head part according to incresing in weight of satchel. (2) It is smaller in forward Pitch for taking on hand a satchel than taking on back a satchel. (3) It is larger in rolling pitch of trunk arid head Part for light loading than heading than heavy loading, but it gets constant in case of weight more than 4㎏. 3. Oxygen Consumption (1) It gets increased in oxygen consumption according in weight of a satchel, but in phase of walking efficiency, it is smallest in case of loading of 2㎏ and almost similar in case of non loading and loading of 4㎏. (2) It is larger in oxygen consumption for taking on hand a satchel than taking on bark a satchel. 4. Energy Expenditure (1) It gets increased in energy expenditure according to increasing in weight of a satchel, especially it gets conspicuously increased in case of loading of 6㎏. (2) It is larger in energy expenditure for taking on back a satchel than taking on hand a satchel. 5. R.M.R. (1) It gets mostly large in R.M.R. according to increasing in weight of a satchel, especially. it gets conspicuously large in case of weight more than 4㎏. (2) It is largest of all case for taking on hand a satchel in R.M.R., that is 3.00. 6. The optimal weight of satchel in walking is 15% of individual body weight. 7. It is more beneficial in walking far taking on back a satchel than taking on hand in phase of energy expenditure and forming posture.

Jan 8, 2017

2017 January Spring Bag Trends - Gucci Bags Fall/Winter/Cruise

Last year, Fendi's Peekaboo bag was really hot.

But recently, I've noticed that Gucci is getting just as 
'aggressive' in their embellishments!

Here are a selection of Gucci bags from their recent collections.

Colorful bag that blends in with the outfit's colors. 
Apparently, this is a trend in bags for 2017!

So moth, so goth!
That's a big bug, a bejeweled bug!

Talk about zany colors!
Gucci's bag here includes the classic bamboo handle
with an overall Alexander McQueen feel in shape and studs.

I love the Asian influenced embroidery theme here...

Mix of old & new... Classic elements meet funky new adornment!

Great color for Spring 2017 I think!

Another jewel-bug bag!
There is that Art Nouveau feel, or a throwback to William Morris's designs...

Personally, I do like this bag a lot!
It will go with any work clothes and around the city outfits!
Urban fashion FTW!

Nice remake of their logo print!
Reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Vernis series...

Very trendy piece...!
I've seen quite a lot of bomber jackets this week at Zara and H&M...
that have this type of Asian influenced cheap-chic embroidery.
Great bag to dress up a casual outfit; denim jeans and chiffon dresses,
as well as athletic items.

Here is another trend for 2017 bags; a very large, *oversized* bag!

I think this bag is one of the most photographed and circulated design online...
It's got that grungy feel...
Clothing-wise, the 'hard-romantic look' is in, 
so this type of bag might be a good accent for a casual outfit. :-) 

Et voila!
That's all for now~


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