Mar 17, 2016

A New Bag by Reforming an Unworn Dress

Every Wednesday, my boss (also my Mom) and her friend get together to reform unused goods into something amazing... I am joining them on a project to reform my favorite dress into a bag! 

The Before Pic: Here is my pinstriped dress
. . .  which will now better serve me as a new bag~ 
The fabric is a little bit stretchy and also bumpy.

* * *

Making of the Bag, Process Pics

Step 1: Cut off the bottom half of the dress
I cut off right below the arm pits to get full use of my dress.
I need a large carry all tote for my leather school projects.
It will hold all my tools, pattern papers, as well as the bag in the making.

Step 2: Cut out details to decorate the front of the bag
Here, you can see the ivory goat leather.
One side is moderately shiny, the other side is soft velvety texture.
It was very easy to cut. It was like cutting into cheese!

Step 3: The major pieces for the bag cut out
I now have the front and sides of the bag already pieced together (because it was cut out from a dress!). The front logo detail ready to be sewn, and the bottom is also ready for sewing. I cut out 2 more pieces from the ivory goat leather for shoulder straps.

Next steps: I will go to the Dongmyo market to get some gold metal pieces.
I will need the shoulder chains, 4 donut rings, and 5 tiny legs for the bottom.

I am so excited for this bag!

More to come...
Next Wednesday~~

- - -
More Pics...

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